Bedroom TypeUnit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 BedroomType A1, A1-H, A1-P, A1b-H, A2-P474 to 592 sqft125100% Sold
1 Bedroom + StudyType AS1, AS1-H, AS1-P, AS1a, AS1a-H, AS1a-P, AS2-P517 to 646 sqft51100% Sold
2 Bedroom CompactType B1, B1-H, B1-P, B2, B2-H, B2a, B2b, B2a-H646 to 743 sqft64100% Sold
2 Bedroom PremiumType BP1, BP1-H, BP1-P, BP2, BP2-H, BP2-P, BP3, BP3-P, BP4-P786 to 904 sqft52100% Sold
2 Bedroom + StudyType BS1, BS1-H, BS1-P, BS2, BS2-H, BS2-P, BS3, BS3-H, BS3-P, BS4, BS4-H, BS4-P, BS5, BS5-H, BS5-P743 to 893 sqft 87100% Sold
3 Bedroom CompactType C1, C1-H, C1-P883 to 1001 sqft13100% Sold
3 Bedroom DeluxeType C2, C2-P, C3, C3-P, C3a, C3a-P947 to 958 sqft 38100% Sold
3 Bedroom PremiumType CP1, CP1-P, CP2, CP2-P1044 to 1661 sqft40100% Sold
3 Bedroom + Study PenthouseType CSPH1, CSPH2, CSPH31421 to 1604 sqft6100% Sold
4 Bedroom PenthouseType DPH1, DPH2, DPH3, DPH41518 to 1927 sqft12100% Sold
5 Bedroom + Study PenthouseType ESPH1, ESPH2, ESPH2a1776 to 1787 sqft (10 Units)10100% Sold
4 Bedroom Strata LandedType T1, T1A1808 sqft36100% Sold
5 Bedroom Strata LandedType T1, T2A 2067 sqft14100% Sold

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